News & Opinion | April 14, 2020 11:15 am

Nudists Still Have to Wear Face Masks, Say Czech Authorities

Clothes optional, face masks required

nudist face mask
You still have to wear a face mask, even if it's the only thing you wear all day.

Guidelines and regulations regarding face mask use vary throughout the world, but in the Czech Republic, strict mandates mean everyone has to cover up their mouths, including nudists.

While the country has since relaxed face mask regulations, CNN reported that at the height of pandemic concerns last month, police had to remind nudists that their faces needed to be covered in public, even if everything else was left bare.

“Unfortunately, many of the sunbathing citizens were gathered in large groups, and some were not wearing face masks,” read a police statement issued after officers responded to complaints about maskless naturists sunbathing fully nude outside of Prague. “Citizens are allowed to be without clothes in designated locations, but they still must cover their mouths, and only gather in appropriate numbers.”

The nation’s nudists have reportedly heeded the warning, with the statement noting that a subsequent police patrol encountered fewer bathers in need of masks.

“We understand that many people do not have a garden and want to get some fresh air in the countryside, but we all have one common desire to respect the government’s guidelines so that the restrictions can be gradually lifted,” the statement said. “That however will not happen until everyone starts to dutifully respect the rules.”

For nudists, those rules mean covering up, at least from the chin up.

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