News & Opinion | March 28, 2019 9:57 am

These Are The Best Hikes In The World Right Now

Outside Online scales the daunting task of picking the best trails.

best hikes
(Rhododendrites/Wikimedia Commons)

From Colorado state to Spain, the world is host to some of the most epic and beautiful hiking trails. These are some of the best hikes you can take right now, according to Outside Online.

Camino Primitivo, Camino de Santiago – Spain

best hikes
(José Antonio Gil Martínez/Creative Commons)

This lengthy 460-mile (round trip) hike will take you throughout some of the most beautiful landscapes in Spain. The trek will take over two weeks to make, but the epic views of the peaks of Picos de Europa and Lugo, a third-century World Heritage site are well worth it. There are plenty of hiker-friendly hostels along the route that range in price and charm.

South Maroon Peak – Colorado

best hikes
(Rhododendrites/Wikimedia Commons)

Make sure to bring a helmet if you’re going to make your way up the astounding 14,163-foot South Maroon, one of two peaks that offer breathtaking views of the Maroon Creek Valley. As you climb higher the rock becomes looser and more unstable so headgear is a must. For those wishing to take a less risky route without the need to climb vertically up rock, the Maroon Lake Scenic Trail is a more leisurely alternative and one of the best hikes Colorado has to offer.

Paine Circuit Trek – Chile

best hikes Chile
(Negrorodrigo/Wikimedia Commons)

Sure you could do what most tourists who visit the Torres del Paine National Park in Chile- visit the Cordillera Paine and call it a day – or – you could complete the 80-mile loop, as long as you’ve secured a permit in advance. The longer loops offers spectacular views of the Grey Glacier, Paine Massif, and the southern ice field located around the backside. The park is becoming increasingly popular, so you’ll want to make sure to book your luxurious hotel suite at the Tierra Patagonia, which is so well disguised in the surrounding steppe, a first-time traveler might miss it.