Internet | July 15, 2020 10:28 am

TikTok Teens Are Using Masks to Conceal Their Age and Buy Booze

The latest TikTok trend sees teens dressing up as old folks to score alcohol

tiktok teens alcohol challenge
Old person or TikTok teen?
Getty Images

While the Karens of the world were whining about masks, the teens decided to put theirs to good use — and by “good use,” I mean pretending to be senior citizens to buy alcohol.

A recent viral TikTok trend reported by the New York Post reveals Gen Zers donning masks, wigs and various other old-person accessories in an attempt to pass themselves off as innocent members of the elderly population just looking to purchase some alcohol. And if TikTok is to be believed, the ruse seems to actually be working.

In one popular video (which has since been made private), a teen in a baggy sweater, glasses and drawn-on wrinkles appears to successfully purchase a bottle of booze, for which she claims she was not asked to show ID. Another video shows a fellow wig- and mask-wearing teen remarkably managing to purchase Four Loko, despite the fact that an interest in consuming Four Loko is one of the most telling signs of an underage drinker.

As the Post noted, Twitter has been calling attention to the unexpected benefits of compulsory mask-wearing for aspiring underage drinkers, with standup comedian Jason Lawhead calling this “the best time to buy alcohol with a fake ID since the early ’80s” back in April. But the TikTok teens have kicked it up a notch, as TikTok teens are wont to do. Rather than simply relying on their mask to conceal the face that may or may not be the same one pictured on their fake IDs, these teens are using their masks to go full octogenarian.

Unfortunately, now that the media has blown up their spot (sorry), teens may be forced to retire the costume, while the elderly will probably have to start showing multiple forms of ID just to buy a bottle of wine.

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