Internet | January 6, 2020 10:52 am

Influencer Kaylen Ward Raised $500K for Australian Bushfire Relief Selling Nudes

Instagram thanked her by deactivating her account

Kaylen Ward Australia
This model was banned from Instagram for philanthropy because it happened to involve female nudity, and Instagram hates women.

Instagram model Kaylen Ward said she’s raised an estimated $500,000 to benefit bushfire relief in Australia by offering to send nude pictures to anyone who donated money to fundraisers supporting the cause.

“I’m sending nudes to every person who donates at least $10 to any one of these fundraisers for the wildfires in Australia,” Ward tweeted Friday. “Every $10 you donate = one nude picture from me to your DM.”

By Sunday, the 20-year-old model and a small team of supporters she assembled to help sift through the influx of donators had raised an estimated $500,000 dollars for various charities supporting fire relief in Australia.

“I was seeing all the posts on Twitter about the Australian fires and I was really concerned there wasn’t a lot of media coverage and not a lot of people donating,” Ward, who has since rebranded as The Naked Philanthropist, told BuzzFeed News. “I was expecting to raise maybe $1,000 but the tweet blew up,” she said.

While much of the response online has been positive, Instagram is here to prove that no good deed goes unpunished. Despite the fact that Ward’s campaign took place on Twitter, the photo-sharing platform took it upon itself to go ahead and deactivate not one, but two of Ward’s accounts because Instagram hates women and also, apparently, Australia.

Ward tweeted that her Instagram account had been deactivated on Sunday, along with a screenshot suggesting she had been banned for posting “sexually suggestive content” that violated the platform’s guidelines, though Ward claims she hadn’t posted any such content.

Later that day, Ward tweeted that Instagram had deactivated a second profile, warning users that any profiles with her name were fake.

However, being the hero the world needs right now, Ward has pledged to continue her campaign even in the face of puritanical Instagram punishment, disapproving family and boring fuckboys.

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