Internet | January 5, 2022 11:28 am

Big-Breasted Women Are Now Calling Themselves “AirPod Shaped,” Apparently

Being shaped like a wireless headphone is in for 2022

Wireless white headphones on turquoise background.
The hottest new body type is a wireless headphone

We’ve always had words for big breasts and the women who have them. At various points throughout history, they have been called buxom, busty, chesty or stacked thanks to their ample boobs, jugs, melons or cans. And thanks to the adaptability of language, this lexicon evolves along with advances in society and technology. While the hourglass has reigned supreme as a representation of the ideal feminine body shape well past an era when such an antiquated timepiece would have been something people actually encountered on a regular basis, a more modern form of technology is now being used to refer to top-heavy women: the AirPod.

First reported by Mel magazine, the term “AirPod-shaped” refers to a body type that may have previously been compared to an “apple” or “inverted triangle”: heavy on top with little to speak of below the waist. According to those who identify with the term, this top-heavy body shape resembles an Apple AirPod, a skinny stick topped with a larger circle like a lollipop.

The trend of women comparing their body types to Apple’s wireless earbuds seems to have begun where most trends do these days: on TikTok. Mel traces the earliest known use of the term to a January 2021 TikTok by user @elliannamfry captioned, “When he’s an ass guy but your body is shaped like an AirPod.” In the year since, fellow TikTokers have found increasing virality in comparing themselves to AirPods, and it seems that in that short period of time, the term has already undergone an evolution of its own from a sign of self-deprecation to one of confidence.

While early uses of the term seemed to be largely self-effacing, lamenting the plight of being shaped like an AirPod in the age of ass, more recent uses of the term seem to flaunt and/or lust after AirPod-shaped bodies. A recent subgenre of AirPod-shaped TikTok shows women suggesting men won’t know how to handle their “first AirPod-shaped girl,” and the comments of these videos regularly fill with men declaring the AirPod their new favorite body shape.

All of this comes as yet another tell-tale sign that the age of ass is finally coming to an end. Big boobs are back, and while AirPods themselves may be less trendy right now than their wired predecessors, being shaped like one is officially in for 2022.