Food & Drink | February 5, 2020 7:00 am

Alchemist Invites Diners to Eat Off a “Disconcertingly Realistic” Tongue

If you're sick of plates that won't lick you back, you're in luck

(Photo by Eric Feferberg / AFP)
(Photo by Eric Feferberg / AFP)
AFP via Getty Images

If your first thought as you dig in to a meal while dining out is “this is tasty, but I would prefer to be eating it out of someone else’s mouth,” you’re luck, you creep! As the Michelin Guide UK points out on Twitter, Copenhagen’s Alchemist restaurant is serving a dish meant to be licked off of a “disconcertingly realistic tongue.”

The dish, called “Tongue Kiss,” is part of Alchemist’s “50 course dinner of groundbreakingly creative dishes that stimulate the senses.” As Eater notes, it consists of “a huge silicone tongue with a beetroot and a tongue texture on the bottom.”

We’re always taught not to play with our food, but no one said anything about making out with it, so if the idea of sucking food off of a tongue that doesn’t belong to you sounds appetizing, Alchemist’s got you covered.

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