Hooters Now Has Its Own Line of Booze, and It Doesn’t Sound Promising

Of course there’s a cinnamon whiskey

The restaurant chain Hooters is debuting a line of eight spirits
By Kirk Miller / August 2, 2019 10:28 am

“Wait, does anyone in Hooters drink anything except beer?”

Fair question asked in our office, and apparently the answer is yes (note the scary, out-of-time cocktail menu). 

And coming this fall, you’ll be able to order spirits with real Hooters flair. The fast-casual chain is releasing its own line of “high quality” spirits, which arrive in “clear bottles adorned with a large rendering of Hooters’ possibly dead-inside animal mascot, the busty-eyed owl,” notes Eater’s Tim Forster.

Soon, between bouts of chicken wings and casual misogyny, you’ll be able to enjoy Hooters brand vodka, gin, rum, tequila and (no surprise) cinnamon whiskey. The range of tipples was crafted in partnership with United Spirits, Inc, a private label beverage company.

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A quick overview of the spirits is not promising: The corn-based vodka is distilled six times, the gin uses “natural botanicals,” the dark rum is made with “choice” Caribbean blackstrap sugar cane molasses, the American whiskey is aged a paltry two years and the cinnamon whiskey is essentially Fireball. 

And the tequilas sound rather scary; their Tequila Gold “borders a Reposado in quality and flavor,” but we’re pretty sure this isn’t 100 percent blue agave or actual aging lending it any flavor. 

If you can’t get enough of the spirits at Hooters restaurants, they’ll also be available at “leading retailers.”

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