Architecture & Real Estate | April 7, 2020 9:56 am

The Playboy Mansion Is Under Construction

It's time for a facelift

playboy mansion
The mansion in more playful times.
Ann Johansson/Corbis via Getty Images

For better or worse, we will all emerge from quarantine looking a little different than we did going in (assuming we emerge from quarantine at all, that is). While the rest of us are cutting our own bangs, growing some ill-advised facial hair or just kind of generally letting ourselves go, the Playboy Mansion appears to be working on a quarantine makeover of its own.

New photos obtained by TMZ reveal the infamous former dwelling of the late Hugh Hefner and his series of wives and hordes of girlfriends is under construction. While most construction projects in L.A. have ground to a halt along with the rest of the world, work on renovating Hefner’s former house of disrepute appears to be in full swing, with the photos showing a mansion engulfed in scaffolding as well as excavation equipment outside.

The iconic Playboy Mansion was sold to billionaire Daren Metropoulos for $100 million before Hefner’s death in 2017. While it remains unclear what Metropoulos has in mind for the Playboy Mansion 2.0, any renovations will have to protect the main structure, in accordance with a deal the new owner struck with L.A. city officials in which he agreed to “not demolish the main residence and repair the facade of the structure while maintaining its original condition as part of his extensive renovation.”

The agreement preserves the Mansion without granting it landmark status, which allows Metropoulos to renovate unencumbered by the more rigid restrictions such a classification would have imposed.

We’ll have to wait until the Playboy Mansion emerges from its quarantine cocoon to see what Metropoulos has planned for the iconic site of orgies, reality TV shows and grimy grottos of yore. Hopefully it’s not getting bangs.

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