Architecture & Real Estate | January 5, 2020 2:54 pm

You Can Buy Dr. Phil’s Nightmarish House, Gun Wall Included

The aesthetic: Richie Rich meets art-school dropout

Dr. Phil Los Angeles Home
Are those vines on the staircase? Are those guns in the dining room? Is this really Dr. Phil's house? Yes.
Hilton & Hyland

Phillip McGraw, more commonly known as Dr. Phil, has made a name for himself by doling out questionable psychological advice on daytime TV. But if his viewers knew what the inside of his house looked like, they might think twice about taking that advice to heart.

One of Dr. Phil’s residences, owned by the TV host’s family trust, recently hit the market, as reported by the Los Angeles Times. On the outside, the five-bedroom, six-bathroom estate blends in with the Beverly Crest neighborhood in Los Angeles. On the inside, the nightmarish design looks like Richie Rich hired an art-school dropout.

There’s a purple hanging chair in the entryway across from art emblazoned with the word “F*CK.” The dining room is end-capped with a gun installation behind glass. A grand staircase sprouts vines like someone just had a bad roll in Jumanji. Cartoonish sculptures, like a mustachioed rabbit, seemingly from artists like Kidrobot’s Frank Kozik, lurk around every corner. And the color scheme, like the abbey of Poe’s Prince Prospero, seems to change with every room. 

To be fair to McGraw, the Los Angeles Times reports that he never lived at the property himself, and that “it’s currently being used by his son Jordan.” Also, the firearms are not for use, but rather part of an “anti-gun art installation.” But whether Dr. Phil is the one responsible for the bizarre design, or art curation, isn’t divulged.

If you’re looking to become an eccentric recluse in 2020, or if you’d like to live in a place where no one will ever ask to come over for dinner, all of this is up for grabs through Hilton & Hyland for a mere $5.75 million. And as the listing notes, the “eclectic finishes … can be kept or transformed into your own vision.” 

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