YouTube Is Now Streaming Select Films for Free

Getcha popcorn ready

November 19, 2018 9:00 am

If you just can’t do commercials during a film, we suggest closing this window immediately. It’ll only make you upset.

But if you’re willing to consider it … you might soon be making a YouTube account. 

Without much pomp or circumstance, last month YouTube rolled out a repository of “free to watch” feature length films. All are ad-supported, meaning they’ll throw up the occasional commercial during your watch.

As for the selection? Not surprising to see why YouTube didn’t shout this development from the content mountaintop. It’s a bit light. There are 99 films, including Rocky, The Terminator and Legally Blonde. But there are also a good three dozen movies we promise you’ve never heard of (The Timber … ?!) along with a suspicious number of Pink Panther reboots. (Several Rocky films too; seems likely, as ad-supporting models get hashed out, that earning the rights to a franchise is an industry MO.) 

One way to do it, if you’re willing to put in the effort, is platoon YouTube’s selection with those of other ad-supported film libraries. Check out offerings from Tubi TV, Crackle and Popcorn Flix. All told, you should be able to pick a flick on a Friday night.

Or, disregard all this and just rent from Amazon Prime for a few bucks. 

For more information on the development, head here. And for general knowledge on cord cutting best practices, head here.

Image from IMDB
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