Get an MBA on the Great Outdoors, Because Everything Is a Commodity

Calculate the ROI on that Redwood. I dare you.

April 13, 2017 9:00 am

Early man worked an average of only four hours a day, all of which was done outside. (Read Sapiens for more fun facts like that.)

We evolved to that kind of living, whereas the sitting behind a desk and plugging figures into spreadsheets … that is unnatural.

Regardless of how much we’d love to go back to those simpler times, we can’t. But you can get an outdoor MBA, which will prepare you for — no surprise here — work in the outdoor industries. As of now, Western State Colorado University is the only school offering a program that focuses on that specific industry. Actually, it’s the only school that will be offering one — the program is slated to start in 2018.

There are all sorts of MBAs these days — NGO MBAs, real estate MBAs, bourbon MBAs — but we’ll venture a guess that the outdoor one is the most enjoyable. Western State’s plan is a hybrid program, so it’ll be taught both online and on campus for small stretches of time (two weekends and one week in the summer), allowing students to keep their current job. Most MBA students work (and many in this region work at resorts), so WSCU’s program will give them information they can turn around and use in the field, thereby increasing the likelihood they’ll retain what they learn.

If you’ve got business experience and want to polish your accounting and management skills while positioning yourself for a job in the outdoor sector (which is a $646B industry), check it out.

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