Inside the Underground Apartment Complex Hiding in a Kansas Missile Silo

Where doomsday preppers live in luxury

survival condo
It may look like a regular suburban kitchen, but it's actually a unit in an underground bunker in Kansas.
Survival Condo

When society inevitably comes crashing down around us, the first people to reemerge into the post-apocalyptic world will be about 75 ultra-wealthy doomsday preppers living in a luxury underground condo in Kansas.

That’s their plan, anyway, according to the Guardian. The Survival Condo is a 15-story inverted luxury tower converted from a cold war era missile silo. Purchased in 2008 by Larry Hall, an ex-government contractor, property developer and doomsday prepper, the former Kansas silo is now an underground apartment complex complete with a bar, swimming pool, shooting range and million-dollar penthouses.

Hall told the Guardian the space can accommodate 75 residents, where they can survive for up to five years of social, political or environmental catastrophe. The converted silo is currently home to 55 residents, including real estate moguls, financial entrepreneurs and doctors, awaiting vague apocalyptic collapse. According to the Guardian, many of the residents “do not have specific motivations for moving into the bunker,” but are rather “acting on a sense of general unease about the future,” which, to be fair, also describes the primary motivation behind most of the decisions I make in life.

The condos are reportedly in such demand that Hall is working on converting another silo, and apparently he’s not alone. While the thought of retreating to an underground bunker to wait out the end times may have once seemed hysterical, abandoned underground bunkers around the world are reportedly becoming a hot commodity among doomsday preppers faced with the ever-worsening conditions of life above ground today. As life on earth continues to decline, the future may well be underground.

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