Can Graffiti Be Habit-Forming?

"My Street Art Addiction" docuseries follows people who are hooked on tagging.

street art addiction

It may be illegal, but that doesn’t stop street artists, aerosol cans in hand, from pursuing their passion — or some say, addiction. Director Brian DeCubellis documents the little-known street-art habit in his new documentary series, My Street Art Addiction

“Can street art be an addiction, is that the question? I don’t think it really is a question, that’s my reality, street art is my addiction,” said Con$mer, a street artist, in the first episode of the series. “Probably my least harmful vice though.”

The 18-part series talks to street artists, and discusses art history, the legacy of street art in New York City, what street art addiction is and what to do if you feel like you suffer from it.

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