Bathrooms On-Demand. Yes, For Real.

It's called Looie, and limited membership starts now

By The Editors
July 15, 2015 9:00 am

George Costanza claims he invented it.

This past April Fools’, we conned a bunch of you into believing it.

But now, the elusive bathroom-on-demand may actually be real.

That is, if you sign up for Looie, the new NYC startup proffering keys to spotless lavatories around town, now accepting a very limited number of early members.

Works like this: Looie ain’t just an app suggesting any old open john.

They’re partnering with local restaurants (five in Tribeca at the moment and soliciting suggestions on where to expand to next) and taking over their bathroom operations sink-to-tile.

Sign up online and you’ll be mailed a special key fob. When nature calls, fire up the app, pick a location and said fob unlocks a pristine lavatory stocked with everything from mints to toothpicks to a fully-equipped changing station for those with a wee one in tow (see what we did there?).

No more standing in line at Starbucks for a bathroom that looks like it’s been hit with mortar fire.

No more furtively glancing at the bartender as you steal to the back of a restaurant like a thief in the night.

No more head games.

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