Joe Biden Just Won the Internet Yet Again

People are going nuts over his 'Happy Birthday' tweet to Obama

August 4, 2016 9:00 am

Once again the politician who decided to sit out the presidential election is getting all the social media love.

In a year filled with constant shade being thrown via the twitter accounts of presidential hopefuls, the latest tweet from the veep is just what we needed: uplifting.

Meanwhile Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton inexplicably snubbed the commander-in-chief, with no birthday tweet at all. Maybe she ought to delete her account.

Joe Biden’s birthday tweet to his boss featured the friendship bracelets Obama made for him in this video.

And obviously, the world had something to say. 

Honorary mention: the First Lady’s sentimental tweet. 

As for the Republican nominee Donald Trump, he did manage to send a birthday tweet of his own.

Image via: Flickr

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