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Men Are Too Big of Babies for Male Birth Control, Study Finds

Participants reported "mood swings and muscle pain." Hmm ...

How to Avoid Seat-Mates on Your Next Flight

Or maybe you enjoy small talk with random strangers?

Florida Man Attempts Yacht Heist, Fails Gloriously

It ends with "Help, help, anybody help"

Celebrity Twitter’s 25 Sickest Burns of the Election Season

It's all fun and games until someone gets elected

This Little Green Drone Could Be the Future of Disaster Relief

It came. It saw. It distributed food and medical supplies.

The World’s Hottest Tortilla Chip Has Arrived

Each bag contains but a single chip

Is Beer Healthier Than Milk?

Probably, but not if you overdo it.

Why Are People Taking Pictures of Naked Models at London Fashion Week?

A new NSFW app has a radical new take on "window shopping"

Trump Supporters Embrace “Deplorable” Label on Twitter

At least 15 shirts bearing the epithet are available online