Portable Movie Mask Turns Your Phone Into a Movie Screen…But at What Cost?

Keep telling yourself "It's only a movie."

September 9, 2016 9:00 am

It’s kind of a miracle that you can watch movies on your phone. Or, it was…until we spent countless hours doing it, and the whole thing became sort of routine. Being humans, that’s about the time we started whining. 

Waah… Phablets are too small…

Waah… It’s hard to focus on this screen with all the distractions around…

Waah… Do I have to hold it the whole time?

And so on. Well, whine no more. Your season of torment is coming to a close, thanks to the creators of MovieMask — “your personal cinema experience on the go.”

MovieMask gives you the theater-viewing experience anywhere you want. All you have to do is put your phone into the mask, choose your movie, put it on your head, and block out your surroundings…including all the people whispering about ridiculous you look.

Although it may look a bit like a VR headset, that’s where the similarity ends. Because it doesn’t offer VR. It’s an authentic 2D cinema experience. Only smaller.

What really makes MovieMask special is it’s portability. You can have an immersive movie-watching experience on a plane, while walking your dog, during dinner with your family, or while romancing your significant other.

And the best part? You can thoroughly ignore all that nonsense and concentrate on the damn movie.  

Pre-order your MovieMask now for $54.

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