Florida Man Attempts Yacht Heist, Fails Gloriously

It ends with "Help, help, anybody help"

October 7, 2016 9:00 am

One man’s quest to steal a $3.2 million yacht is another man’s most pathetic and embarrassing attempt at boat theft of all time.

An amateur thief in Miami beach attempted to sail away on the 80-foot Hatteras earlier this week. However, being an equally amateur seaman, he never even made it out of the marina. The would-be Jacques Mesrine jumped on the boat as the owner stepped off around 11:30pm Sunday night. The culprit didn’t get too far, though, before crashing into several boats and concrete pillars.

Aftermath pictured here:

Jim Terry, asleep on his neighboring docked yacht, woke up to the failed heist. “He was screaming ‘help, help, help anybody help’ because the guy was going crazy. The guy was a freakin’ lunatic,” Terry said.

The thief jumped overboard when Miami Fire Rescue arrived, and remains at-large despite police dive team and Coast Guard searches.

As if the story wasn’t weird enough, the next morning, a second theft attempt was made that resulted in sinking the yacht. Police haven’t said if the two events are connected.

Image via: Outdoors360

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