Is Beer Healthier Than Milk?

Probably, but not if you overdo it.

September 19, 2016 9:00 am

The iconic “Got Milk?” ad just got a makeover from the activists at People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals — and their usual opponents, People Against Extremely Controversial Opinions Delivered With Admirable PR Savvy, are not having it.

As PETA’s take on the classic puts it, “Got Beer? It’s official: Beer is better for you than milk.”

If the statement might not raise eyebrows, the expected placement of it sure did. The group hopes to run it at bus stops near the University of Wisconsin-Madison — which was ranked the nation’s top party school for 2017 by Princeton Review.

“As a scientist and a parent, I find their claims irresponsible, particularly when we have such a problem with overconsumption of alcohol on many university campuses,” Greg Miller, a part symposium editor of the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition told MUNCHIES.

While it may seem a little dicey to run ads that also suggest that people, “drink responsibly: don’t drink milk,” near a population heavily affected by binge drinking, PETA has long been willing to court controversy to get their message out. 

In a blog post, PETA outlined the links between dairy consumption and health problems like heart disease, obesity, cancer and even osteoporosis, and also pointed out the health benefits of drinking beer, including strengthening bones, and lowering the risk of heart attack and stroke as well as type-2 diabetes.

More to the point, from PETA’s point of view, of course, beer is produced without animals.

That said, getting totally plastered is a huge problem among college students, and there’s nothing healthy about it. 

Can we suggest a nice glass of Coke? Actually no, that’s got a lot of sugar. And so do fruit juices, now that we think about it. 

Iced tea. Try that. Responsibly. 


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