New Dating App Tells You Where All the Ladies Are Hanging Tonight

... at least until you walk in! Zing!

July 27, 2016 9:00 am

Once upon a time, men spent entire decades of their lives hopelessly chasing women around the bars and nightclubs of their city.

You’ve seen Swingers.

But now we’ve got the internet, and the internet has information. Information that will save you time — and cover charges.

To wit: Weepo, a new app that lets you check the male-to-female ratio of a hotspot before you commit to going. Even more enticing, once you’ve found a locale with a ratio that suits you, the app let’s you peruse the profiles of others headed to the same place (yes, just like Tinder).

And as it turns out, single fellas can use all the help we can get: a recent study concluded that while men intitiate 79% of all online dating conversations, 39% of those conversations don’t get even get a single reply.

With Weepo, there’s no more, “Do you want to meet sometime?” or “Where should we go?” You’re cutting right to the chase. She’s going. You’re going. And the two of you are going to meet … tonight.

So before you reserve bottle service, before you pay a cover, before you even get into a cab, download the app, ya dummy.


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