Burger King’s ‘Whassup’ Ad Is the Best Remake of the Century

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June 28, 2018 9:00 am


That’s right, the seminal turn-of-the-century short film is back! Of course, we’re talking about that unforgettable (as in, un-get-out-of-your-head-able) Budweiser commercial: “Whassup?”

The folks at Burger King teamed up with the King of Beers to bring back the spot and, thankfully, left well enough alone. Well, almost.

The same bros are still watching the game and having a Bud, talking on the same brick-sized landline phones, wearing the same (now back in style) denim overalls — and then the Burger King shows up.

As AdAge writes, the commercial is promoting both a specific product (the limited-edition American Brewhouse King Sandwich, which the tongue-wagging king is carrying) and an idea (the match made in heaven of Bud and BK). They’ve consummated that marriage with a limited-edition “Freedom Crown,” a version of the kids-meal paper crown, but with side holsters for a burger and a can of beer.

It bears noting that this is also the first time we can remember a beer and fast food company joining forces on a marketing campaign.

Best remake of the century?


Inline image via Burger King

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