Amy Schumer Changed Her Son’s Name Because It Sounded Like “Genital”

Can't be too careful

amy schumer sons name
Amy Schumer and the child formerly known as Gene Attell Fischer.
Jackson Lee/GC Images

Typically, naming a child is kind of a one-shot deal. If you fuck up, your kid just has to deal with it until they can legally change it themselves. Never one to play by the rules however, Amy Schumer has made a quick edit to her son’s name one year after his birth after realizing a critical error.

“We realized that we, by accident, named our son ‘genital,’” the actress and comedian explained on the most recent episode of the 3 Girls, 1 Keith podcast.

So how do you “accidentally” name a child anything, let alone Genital?

Turns out the child in question, a certain Gene David Fischer, is not now nor has ever been named Genital. However, the child of Schumer and husband Chris Fischer was formerly known as Gene Attell Fischer, a name which, according to Schumer, sounds like the word “genital.”

This seems like a bit of stretch. I think a girl named Jen under similar circumstances might have more cause for concern, but apparently Schumer wasn’t the only one to notice the unflattering sonic similarity.

“My mum pointed that out to me,” podcast guest and Schumer’s Trainwreck co-star Claudia O’Doherty admitted. “My mum was like, ‘Amy’s called her son genital.’”

The former middle name was chosen in tribute to Schumer’s friend, comedian Dave Attell. After realizing the unfortunate mistake, the couple decided to go with their friend’s first name instead, which Schumer noted is also her father’s middle name. “So, two stones,” she said.

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