The 10 Best Last-Minute, DC-Inspired Halloween Costumes

No costume ideas? We have your back

October 28, 2022 7:00 am
Halloween party in basement
In case you need a last minute party costume, we have you covered
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Halloween is nearly here. You still have time to order a few items from Amazon and have a costume for the big day. But you may forget to order some stuff and find yourself this weekend or next trying to figure out what in your closet could work as a costume. We’re here to help. 

Here are the 10 best, last-minute, D.C.-inspired Halloween costumes. Most are apolitical. (Even the one that’s explicitly political can easily be turned into an apolitical look.) Most important: They are all doable, even if you’re reading this on Friday morning and headed to a party within the next 12 hours. 

José Andrés

In order to look like D.C.’s favorite chef/world saver, all you need is a gray beard and a Patagonia vest. This is a fantastic costume for anyone already in the market for a Patagonia vest. 

Screech (The Washington Nationals mascot that’s an eagle) 

Do you already have an eagle costume? Do you have a Nationals jersey?

Slapshop (The Washington Capitals mascot that’s an eagle)

Do you already have an eagle costume? Do you have a Capitals jersey?

Commanders/Washington Football Team fan 

Are you a fan of the local football team? Got a paper grocery bag? Willing to wear a Commanders/Washington Football Team shirt? Know how to cut out eye holes? A classic for a reason. 

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Kyle Kuzma 

The Wizards’ best dresser is getting a bobblehead of his now-iconic pink sweater with long sleeves look. It’s one of the easiest costumes; all you need is a pink sweater with really, really long sleeves. 

Dark Brandon/Maverick from Top Gun

Aviators. All you need is a pair of aviators. If you prefer to stay apolitical, all you need is a pair of aviators and a bomber jacket. 

Regan MacNeil

One of the best horror films happens to take place in Georgetown, so we’re more than happy claiming a fictional character as a D.C. icon. This one is relatively easy, just messy. All you need is a nightgown, pea soup and a willingness to smear some dirt/dark makeup all over your face and neck and in your hair. Oh, and you need to projectile vomit the pea soup. 

Bill Nye The Science Guy

Own a bow tie? Know how to tie a bow tie? Can you get your hands on a lab coat or suit jacket and khakis? Are you clean-shaven? Do you believe in science? Congrats, you can be D.C.‘s very own Bill Nye! 

Washington Monument

Take one of those USPS flat rate boxes, paint it silver, shove it on your head and you’re D.C.’s tallest concrete structure. If you already own a Spider-Man action figure, glue it to the tippy top and now you’re the Washington Monument from Spider-Man: Homecoming.

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