Coming soon: a climate-controlled tent

Tents get sweaty. Siesta4 has the solution.

By The Editors
October 22, 2015 9:00 am

Glastonbury 2009. Florence and the Machine. Bon Iver. Springsteen. Bloc Party.

No rain, for once. Just sun.

Which meant that every morning, you woke up at dawn, sweating profusely.

That moment you unzipped your tent? For air? Bliss.

The Siesta4, currently Kickstarting, promises to make that moment a reality all night long and into the morning.

It’s a new heat and light blocking tent, with reflective fabric and room for two, eight-inch, USB-powered fans. All that tech is meant to accomplish one thing: regulate the temperature inside your tent.

If you need to be convinced, seriously, check out their chart tracking the temperature of ambient air inside normal tents versus the weather inside the Siesta4.

Buy it now. Ships in April.

That’s just in time for Coachella, people.

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