Still Waters

By The Editors
August 15, 2013 9:00 am

From apocryphal Mark Twain quotes about our frigid summertime to the acceptability of assless chaps, SF is no stranger to the poetic lie.

So, too, the myth of the SF distillery. Much as we love Alameda and TI (and the booze there made), neither floats within city limits.

Here’s the first one that does:

Seven Stills of SF, the city’s newest and only mainland distillery. Their initial public offering: a small batch of notably non-Russian vodka called California Courage.

Now available online and in a handful of city shops and bars, Courage has a subtle, almost citrus hint of corn sweetness that isn’t cloying — smooth enough to sip straight, light and soft enough that it won’t offend more delicate buds.

About that name: it’s apt.

Founders Tim Obert and Clint Potter started as basement-still whiskey geeks. Now they’re licensed distiller/distributors.

The boys are hosting a meet-and-greet tomorrow night at freshly remodeled craft-spirit haven Dogpatch Saloon, and you’re invited. Expect local twists on your favorite cocktails, or take a sip of Courage au naturel.

And if it comes up, feel free to dispatch the poetic lie of SF’s seven hills.

Because it’s actually a much bigger number.


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