Field of Greens

By The Editors
April 22, 2014 9:00 am

Consider Nicasio, CA.

Some 25,000 acres of picturesque, unincorporated Marin county nestled between the Headlands and Point Reyes.

Home to George Lucas’s Skywalker Ranch. Home to a damn fine reservoir.

And now, home to a pair of unforgettable one-night dining experiences from Outstanding in the Field, tickets on sale now.

Celebrating its fifteenth year in the outdoor banquet game, OITF tours the country with a simple premise: set a long table in a beautiful place, cover it with toothsome eats from talented local chefs and fill the seats with discerning guests.

This year’s tour kicks of in our neck of the woods on the weekend of May 24th.

The beautiful place: the vineyards of Devil’s Gulch Ranch — a multidisciplinary farm that trades in rabbits, livestock, wine grapes, house-roasted coffee beans and sumptuous views of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area.

As for talent, the chef du jour for the 24th will be Bluestem Brasserie’s Francis Hogan (butcher, sommelier and cheese expert), and for the 25th it’s Plum’s Kim Alter, fresh from the whole hog fight at Cochon 555.

As for the guest list, we’re thinking you and someone special, but seating is limited and timing is everything.

Get there.


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