Office Space

By The Editors
August 23, 2013 9:00 am

The commingling of work and play: it’s something this hard-working, pixel-pushing, start-upping hamlet of ours knows well.

To get some of that bootstrappingly fun ethos in your workspace, look no further than Bureau, a just-launched pop-up shop peddling office essentials.

From the O+A design crew (they designed the offices for Facebook and Evernote, among others) and housed in the foyer of the firm’s Natoma St. space, the vision for Bureau includes a functional gallery and reimagined quarterly, always with an eye toward the theme of “workplace.”

In its current (and first) form, it’s all retail.

They’ve got clever office furniture. Books for side tables that are as attractive as they are well-written. Personal goods like bags by Archive and cloth caps by Chuey. Hell, they’ve even got really nice paper clips and pencils.

The common thread drawing everything together: functional style.

Utility without the utilitarian.

But take heed.

One does not simply walk into Bureau. Technically speaking, it has no regular hours — a point of pride evident in their custom “Never Open” doormats.

They make a point of welcoming browsers on Thursdays and Fridays, but rest assured, if you come during standard office hours throughout the week, even if the door is locked, a polite knock should get you access.

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