Get Lucky

By The Editors
June 19, 2013 9:00 am

Because it’s rare that you get to enjoy all the Asian cuisines in a single setting – no matter how quickly you thumb through your Instagram feed (seriously, put that down) – there’s this:

The LUCKYRICE Feast, New York’s weeklong foodie fete condensed into a single, easy-to-digest San Francisco night. Tickets are on sale today.

Formerly confined to Manhattan, LUCKYRICE is bravely journeying west with a coterie of knife-wielding all-stars, like Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto (original and American, natch).

They’re joining local toques like Martin Yan’s crew from M.Y. China and the Slanted Door’s Charles Phan.

And that’s just the eats.

Let’s talk thirst-quenchers. If there’s one thing we have in this town, it’s bartenders. LUCKYRICE vetted the best, and they’ll all be on hand to cure what ails you with their diverse brands of patent medicine.

Reserve your seat at the table. The journey of a thousand meals begins with one click.


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