Mix It Up

By The Editors
August 2, 2013 9:00 am

Somewhere deep in his besotted heart, every man wants to be a bartender.

The barkeep is he who is approached. Always has something you want. In every room with a bar — except wedding receptions, where he’s more akin to a drive-thru clerk — the bartender is in charge.

And that’s why you’ll want to visit Rockridge’s Lost & Found, purveyor of, among many other things, distinctive bar equipment for the discerning man’s home.

From vintage muddlers, seltzer bottles and ice-crushers to more contemporary solutions like W&P’s highly stowable Cocktail Kit (a leather doctor’s satchel built around a Mason jar shaker), L&F has the gear to cure the common weeknight.

And they’re prepared to cure other problems, too – the ugly desk, for instance; the unpolished shoe.

Formed last month by a furniture designer, an interior decorator and an estate sale raider, the shop focuses on curating a mix of nostalgic form and modern function, from Edison bulbs and pocketwatch-caliber compasses to art-deco desks and gorgeous typewriters.

This is mostly about the barware, though.

Here’s to you, barkeep.

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