It’s Like Camping With a Private Chef

Minus the chef

By The Editors
September 17, 2015 9:00 am

Confession: last time your correspondent went for a day hike, she and her sister brought a can of Pringles and a tree limb they christened the “killing stick.”

You and your family can probably do better.

Especially if you recruit the help of Bay Area startup Fireside Provisions.

Yes, it’s another startup solving a problem that’s only kind of a problem: supplying campers, hikers and weekend-awayers with their alimentary supplies.

Problem or not, it works.

Just choose the appropriate package (based on the duration of your excursion) and they’ll send you a box of easily packable, pre-prepped snacks and meals.

Heading off on a day hike?

They’ll hook you up with your choice of two “trail provisions,” ranging from raw cacao energy chunks to cheese and sausage.

Breaking trail for a couple days?

They’ll send recipes and ingredients for your pick of breakfast, lunch and dinner (plus snacks), including maple mustard pork chops, campfire pizza and jambalaya.

Honestly, we’d make half of this at home.

But the view’s better outside.

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