Fish This Fresh? Better Buy a Tank.

Sunday night dinner, solved.

By The Editors
June 10, 2015 9:00 am

Clear your Sunday calendar.

Or at least the part of your Sunday calendar that comes before Game of Thrones and Silicon Valley.

Because Hook Fish Co. — the smartest pop-up seafood purveyor in the Bay Area — have just debuted their new Sunday dinner series.

Founders Beau Caillouette and Christian Morabito have the kind of start-up story that a tech team could only dream of.

Morabito and brother Chad rode their bikes from S.F. down to Cabo San Lucas, beach-sleeping, spearfishing and surfing all the way. Talking to fishermen about their traditions and livelihood.

Caillouette drove down to pick his friends up and was similarly inspired by the fishermen of the Baja coast.

Back home, the pair founded Hook Fish, intended to support an artisanal, environmentally sensitive approach to the all-too-rapacious seafood industry.

With this new Sunday series, the guys have a semi-permanent home at Cajun Pacific, usually shuttered on Sunday nights.

Expect fish tacos. Expect Hawaiian-style poke. Expect preparations that show off how delicious local, fresh seafood should be.

Dragons? Ceviche? Resolving the fate of the dude who tried to save the condor babies but fell into the canyon instead?

Sunday is going to be awesome.

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