Rootin’ For Ya

By The Editors
March 12, 2014 9:00 am

You hear a lot of talk in the spirits world about “getting back to the roots” of American whiskey.

No, seriously. This is a thing people say. It tends to be marketing jargon, a nostalgic pitch for some bygone, dad-did-it-better way of life.

Well, Buffalo Trace took that phrase literally: they’re holding a one-night-only uncorking and tasting of bourbons made from a single tree, and tickets are on sale now.

Short version: you, three tastings of never-before-uncorked bourbon and one bourbon cocktail, all led by Trace’s easy-on-the-peepers grande dame Tricia Schiffmacher.

Long version: Trace just launched its Single Oak Project.

It’s an admirable, persnickety way of making bourbon.

Step 1: Choose the specific forest (nope, doesn’t have to be in Kentucky).

Step 2: Choose the specific trees. (Tight-growth grain? Makes for a better barrel.)

Step 3: Make each barrel from a single tree.

Now, yes, most bourbons are stored in barrels made from multiple trees. The idea here: with one tree, you’ll get a bourbon with a more specific, tasty flavor.

This all goes down April 3rd at Triple Aught Design’s Dogpatch Base, and space is very limited. Call to reserve your seat.

Yes, calls only. Getting back to the roots.

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