SF’s Best Steaks, Delivered Straight to Your Door

Today through Thursday, only.

By The Editors
July 21, 2015 9:00 am

Every man with a grill also has an opinion on how best to use that grill.

Ours is this:

No matter how you season it, marinade it, prepare it or serve it, there is no substitute for really, really, ridiculously good-tasting meat.

And if that’s what you seek, talk to Belcampo, offering a limited-time-only delivery event with Munchery this week only.

Looking for quality assurance? Belcampo controls every stage of production — from raising their cattle, chickens and hogs on 20,000 acres of free-range land to butchering at their USDA-certified facility — right here in Northern California.

The result: the best local meats money can buy, like a 28-day dry-aged NY strip that took home the Golden Brand at our second annual Great Steak Debate.

As for Munchery: they deliver you delicious, healthy meals (ingredients + recipe) designed by the Bay’s top chefs.

And today through Thursday, said chefs have teamed up with Belcampo Culinary Director Ross Wollen. On offer: pork sirloin with farro and chimichurri, lamb meatballs and a barbecue chicken sandwich.

Get in while the getting is good: after this week, it’ll be a once-a-month, special-occasion type thing. 

A word of warning: availability seems restricted by zip code. So if you plug in yours and find it’s sold out, consider recruiting a friend with a different zip. Maybe one with a lot of vegetarians. (Looking at you, 94110.) 

Not into meat?

  • Doughbies will deliver just-baked cookies in 20 minutes or less, but the delivery range is limited: Outer Sunset, you’re outta luck

  • If you like the Munchery model but are looking for paleo, gluten-free or vegan options, you’ll want to download Sunbasket

Dinner is served.

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