Ye Ol’ Burlesque Dinner Date

Tassel-dancing and a seven-course dinner. Supplies won’t last.

September 19, 2017 9:00 am

A memorable date has three key components:

A great outfit, a great meal and — most importantly — an unexpected finale.

We’ve got you covered threefold.

First, you’re hitting a couple of new Soho haunts to pick out your duds. Then you’re headed to the summer’s best pop-up dinner series in the Seaport.

And finally, you’ll enjoy a nightcap over at one of the city’s hottest affairs: the 15th Annual New York Burlesque Festival.

Here’s the plan.

The Look
This getup features four fine choices for an easygoing night on the town. A quick jaunt to Soho to the new KOIO and Drake’s locations will get you halfway there. Pair with the five-pocket classic pants from LAD and the new Bluff Works oxford. It might be good to mention that the Bluffworks shirt features a breathable, antimicrobial construction — which you’re going to need when things heat up later on.

Seaport (2 images)

The Eats
This is nearly your last chance to get in on Seaport’s Food Lab before the season closes. Expect 7+ courses of Asian-American fare from Top Chef contestant Dale Talde, also responsible for Talde and Atlantic Social. The feast is served family style, so you’ll get to know your neighbor. But fret not, the portions are beyond bountiful. Plus, it’s a good excuse to stop off at Clinton Hall Beer Garden and pour yourself a pint. Literally: they let you pour your own pints.

The Heats
Remember that finale we mentioned? Ready thyself. Because the 15th Annual New York Burlesque Festival returns with more hot-under-the-collar performances than you could shake a tassel at. From Thursday, September 21st through Sunday the 24th, it’s an all-out banger celebrating the “glitter and glamour in Gotham.” From the Friday premiere party at Brooklyn Bowl to VIP seats at, no joke, the Golden Pastie Awards, there’s a lil’ something for everyone — well, almost everyone. Prigs need not apply.


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