New York Like You’ve Never Seen It

Gorgeous NYC photos taken via helicopter

By The Editors
February 17, 2015 9:00 am

So the other day, your correspondent told you about Mountary, the service that frames your photos at half the price.

Silly us, we neglected to tell you where to get those photos.

So meet Vincent LaForet, the NY-based shutterbug whose new series of aerial photographs should be decorating your apartment or office as soon as possible.

LaForet’s resume is impressive: he’s directed Kobe in Nike commercials, shot the NBA Finals/World Series/Super Bowl/Olympics, and traveled the globe for outlets like the New York Times to cover every newsworthy event imaginable.

His latest: a stunning series of nighttime Gotham portraits shot this past November from a helicopter. At over 7,500 feet.

Fun fact: the first pilot LaForet propositioned flat out refused him, stating “helicopters don’t belong up there.”

The results, when mounted on your wall, will cause guests to fall silent in slack-jawed awe.

New York as a pulsating electrical circuit. An eye-popping grid of glowing neon geometry straight out of Tron, if Tron’s grid had street-meat carts at the corners.

And now LaForet’s offering his snaps as fine-art prints. Simply email and his team will get you sorted out with one, with sizes up to a staggering five-by-nine feet.

Big enough to find your house.

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