Ever Wonder What a $1,000 Blanket Feels Like?

Meet the Mongolian yak down throw, your new best friend

November 7, 2017 9:00 am

What is luxury?

Simple: The pursuit of comfort in all things.

Luxury is flying private. Luxury is naming your own hours. And luxury is the most supple, downy, immaculately woven blanket you’ve ever laid a hand on.

You’ll find it at Saved, a New York concern that imports yak down, cashmere and camel hair blankets from the hyperborean steppes of Mongolia.

Saved is the project of one Sean McNanney, who designed for Ralph Lauren Home before deciding to build something he could call his own. Familiar with the exquisite blanket-making techniques of Mongolia, he set out to share their wares with a broader audience.

Saved NY Cashmere Yak Down Blankets (5 images)

What makes these blankets so special? The materials.

The steppe is home to some downright robust creatures, three of which provide the coats for Saved’s blankets: the yak, the Bactrian camel and the Hircus goat. All three produce a downy undercoat beneath their coarser topcoat, which McNanney’s manufacturers ethically and sustainably harvest every spring.

The blankets are then woven using one or all of these materials, incorporating McNanney’s playful, masculine and Victorian-inspired designs along the way.

Among our favorites? A hypoallergenic, 100% yak down herringbone, the cashmere and camel-hair tiger rug throw pictured up top, and this show-stopping 100% cashmere number in a coral check pattern.

Like all things luxurious, they’re not for the faint of wallet. But amortize the cost over a lifetime — since that’s how long you’ll be gratefully cocooning yourself in it — and you might as well call it a bargain.

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