About Time

By The Editors
June 19, 2012 9:00 am

A man’s wristwatch says so much about him — for example, take Casio (“I value dependability, and sometimes calculators”), or Patek Philipe (“Gaze into my wrist yacht”).

For a watch that says “my time is money, literally,” check out RumbaTime: now offering stylish, casual timepieces equipped with tap n’ pay technology.

[callout] … a combination watch and wallet for your wrist [/callout]

Founded by three college buddies/former hedge-funders, RumbaTime just launched their Perry GO model – an ultra-lightweight, sporty timepiece featuring one of the industry’s first cashless payment systems.

Here’s how it works: order a watch online, and you’ll receive a unique numerical code, used to register online for the Visa-backed contactless payment service.

A couple days later, you’ll receive a personalized chip that fits into the band of the watch and can be linked to debit cards, credit cards, or direct deposit.

After that, simply wave your watch to pay at any cashless payment device — no more lugging the wallet around on a run or fumbling for cards in the back of a cramped cab.

Should you lose the watch or chip, no sweat – the account can be paused online or over the phone, and it’s protected by the Visa Zero Liability policy.

Think of it as insurance on your time.

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