Meet Your Maker

By The Editors
October 16, 2012 9:00 am

Kids, like Will Ferrell, have always been fascinated by Santa’s Workshop — though if they ever found out it wasn’t in the North Pole, they’d know you sit on a throne of lies. Or at least a throne of Hasbro.

Drop the charming prevarications, pop, and just take them to a real-life dream factory: the first-ever MakerBot 3D printing store, now open in SoHo.

makerbotLong story short, MakerBot lets you make your own toys. This is basically 3D printing for dummies. No assembly required, no-brainer software, and plenty of expert techs to provide demos as the machines click and whirr with a “TRON”-like blue glow.

On sale: The Replicator 2. Just plug it in and begin creating solid, tangible objects literally out of thin air. Well, actually out of renewable bioplastic, but the machine handles that – by laying down layer after paper-thin layer of the colorful material until you’ve created … a toy tractor. Or a jack-o’-lantern. Or the bust of Paris of Troy.

And coming weeks will feature a slate of classes and workshops as well as the chance to buy gifts and accessories made on the Replicator. Along with, of course, the Replicator itself.

Start cleaning out the garage for that workshop, Santa.

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