Weather Vain

By The Editors
October 16, 2013 9:00 am

Let these cool fall evenings serve as a reminder, gentlemen – this is New York City. Wintry mix is coming.

But whither the cold-weather wear that won’t make you look like a downhill racer who inadvertently wandered onto a Manhattan sidewalk?

Right here: dapper performance-gear maker Aether’s first ever NYC storefront, open today in SoHo.

Founded by “outdoor enthusiasts who live in the city,” Aether’s all about the marriage of form and function. I.e., gear that’ll stand up to a style blogger’s lens as well as a stern glove-slap from Ma Nature.

Amid snowmobiles, motorcycles and at least one wall made of wooden logs, you’ll find top-layers like the streamlined Union Bicycle Jacket, a waterproof, breathable zip-up perfect for the morning run. Or the evening pint.

See also the more heavy-duty Anorak – insulated and windproof, with tapered seams to keep out the elements, but a silhouette sharp enough to hold its own with selvedge denim and a pair of leather boots.

Plus: Slim-fit fleece hoodies. Super-soft tailored henleys. Salt glasses. Handmade Kletterwerks packs.

And these Swedish axes. Perfect for throwing log-splitting.

Not that you’ll need a fire in these duds.

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