“Where the Hell Am I Gonna Find This Guy a Gift?”

Gifting is an art. Let these guys show you the way.

By The Editors
October 19, 2015 9:00 am

It’s like Big Daddy Kane said:

Giftin’ ain’t easy.

Good rule of thumb to get you started: buy ’em something you know they’ll like but they’ll never buy themselves.

Which is exactly what you’ll find at Formerly, Yes, a new boutique a stone’s toss from the ACE Hotel that stocks the sort of giftable home and office goods you’d find in a really superb museum gift shop.

Anniversaries. Birthdays. Thank yous (done like a pro). These guys have you covered.

Exhibit A: Adult Pop-Up Book

Henri Matisse: Cut Outs is a coffee table book with 300 of the artist’s blue nudes, some of which have been cut out and refashioned into 3D pop-up dioramas. The dude loved scissors.

Exhibit B: Wonka-esque Planter

The Sky Planter by Boskke hangs like a bat: upside down. There’s a water reservoir within the ceramic base that drips into the roots.

Exhibit C: Stuffed Animal. You Know, for the Kids.

You probably know a few folks having babies. Bring that tyke a gift like the Belle Bird, a stuffed animal made from lamb’s wool in Scotland.

Their online shop is straightforward and great for convenience. But if you have some time on your next visit to DTLA or you live in the neighborhood, stop by and see it for yourself.

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