The Best LA Pizza Joint You’ve Never Heard Of

Great pies. Great music. What’s not to love?

September 16, 2016 9:00 am

Brunch. Lunch. Dinner. Whenever.

There’s never a bad time for a great pizza.

And Delicious Pizza, a relatively new and indubitably slept-on pie parlor on West Adams (a stone’s throw from Culver City) is slicing up pies, popping tops on craft IPAs and cutting records with aplomb.

They’re music guys, originally, having founded Delicious Vinyl in the ‘80s, which cut records for Tone-Loc and Pharcyde, among others. But last year, they started cutting discs of a new ilk (the kind with cheese and marinara), perhaps inspired by the old-school pizza box that has long functioned as their logo.

Street Talk: Delicious PizzaA little documentary by Frank1513:04

They just opened a second spot on Sunset in Hollywood, but we like the West Adams location, as it’s chock-full of hip-hop memorabilia and there’s a back lot where they hold live shows throughout the week (here’s the calendar), a DJ room/dining room next door where they have DJ’s and acts like Run the Jewels, dance parties, retail pop-ups (there’s a record sale on Friday nights) and art installations. And there’s a pop-up radio station, too. 

UberIceCream SocialUber through a party at Delicious Pizza1:31

DP takes their pizza very seriously. The make the organic, fermented sourdough in house so that it’s chewy and soft on the inside, and the charred brown crust crunches when you fold it. It’s a standard Neapolitan pie dolled up up with primo ingredients like lamb meatballs or fontina (menu), and every order owes its name to a hip-hop song (“The Slaughtahouse”) or a cheesy music pun (“Varry White”). On the weekends, they do breakfast pizzas (lox, e.g.) and an egg sandwich made with their sourdough bread.

They also have a liquor license, so grab a mean sangria to wash things down.

You may need it before you start dancing in the back.

Bonus Pit Stop: Adams Gateway

About three or four block west on Adams, there’s a little open-air shopping spot comprising a row of tightly arranged and brightly colored shipping containers called Adams Gateway.

Fronted by J N J Burger Joint, a Louisiana-style BBQ spot, Adams Gateway is surrounded by scrapyard art and succulents. There’s ample room to sit and enjoy a treat, and it’s the perfect antidote to the newer, more sanitized retail spots in nearby Culver City.

Among the vendors:

  • Superiority Complex, a vintage shop carrying ‘40s and ‘50s-era clothes and knickknackery
  • Daily Organics, a produce stand of well selected fresh fruits and veggies
  • And Snack Bar, that’s home to a ton of sugary treats

Go ahead and make a day of it.


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