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Borrowing Ban: Difference is, you feel drier

  • 13 May 2014

Your wet weather gear. Because only chumps come to the office wet.

Barbour x Norton & Sons

The British know a thing or two about dressing proper. They also know crap weather. Put the two together and there’s Barbour’s new spring line of jackets, produced with Savile Row tailor Norton & Sons. Waxed, water-resistant and tailored to look good even on a perfectly mild day. Check ‘em out in-store.

Swims Galoshes

Wellies to work? Questionable. Instead: rubber overshoes from Swims. All the protection of galoshes without the bulk. We suggest buying a pair to leave at the office. Buy online.

The Wind-Proof Umbrella

Umbrellas in Chicago: amusing. Unless you’ve got a Senz Smart Umbrella, featuring an angular shape designed to withstand gusts up to 65 MPH. The only umbrella for our money. Buy online.

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