Who the Hell Are You?

Brand Deck: A card game that helps you realize truth

By The Editors
February 11, 2015 9:00 am

Know thyself.

Anybody in a leadership position will tell you: before you lead others, you must know who the hell you are.

Here to help you do just that: the Brand Deck, a clever new card game that helps you define who you are and what your business stands for, available for preorder now.

Developed by Chicago’s own Simple.Honest.Work., the Brand Deck is essentially a tool for anyone creating anything.

It works like so: every person on the team gets a deck of cards consisting of 100 adjectives: 50 on the front (e.g., “simple”), 50 on the back (e.g., “complex”). Each card is then placed into one of three piles: You Are, You’re Not and Not Applicable.

Highly effective brainstorming, plain and simple.

By mulling over the piles, you’ll identify strengths, shortcomings and most important, a clearer vision of yourself and your company.

They’ve even teamed up with the fellas at Cards Against Humanity to make an NSFW version of the deck — just for kicks.

But you’ll have to him ‘em up today for that.

Here’s lookin’ at you.

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