The Five Best Spa Treatments for Your Fall Reboot

Vintage bourbon massage, anyone?

September 23, 2016 9:00 am

A moment of silence for summer. It was a great one.

Now it’s time to get back into work mode.

Before you do, however, a reset is in order. Start here, with the five best spa treatments for your fall reboot.

The Red Flower Hammam at Virgin Hotels Spa
Richard Branson has pulled out all the stops at the spa at Virgin Hotels, including lunch break-friendly massages you can book by the minute (30, 45, 60 and 90), and a communal, coed Turkish steam room. But the real move is Red Flower Hammam treatment, the spa’s “ritual of detoxification” that includes being scrubbed with coffee and fresh lemons, a Moroccan body clay wrap and a massage with berry oils.


The Tune-Up At Dana Hotel and Spa
A perfect storm of happy escapes, this full-body experience at the Dana starts with a 50-minute deep tissue massage, followed by a 50-minute facial, and then an invigorating sport pedicure. Hey, dudes need to pamper their dogs, too.


The Vintage Bourbon Massage at the Four Seasons
Hotel spas say the craziest things to sell their services to men. Most of ‘em: empty. But when one of the city’s best spas bandies the words “vintage bourbon massage” about, consider our attention taken. The treatment includes a brown sugar and Kentucky bourbon-based body scrub followed by a heated stone massage. After, you’ll hit the pine at Allium for a swig of the hotel’s exclusive single-barrel bourbon.


The Gold Coast at Merchant & Rhoades
A gentleman’s barbershop if there ever was one, Merchant & Rhoades is a picturesque place for a man to relax with the comforting buzz of a barber’s clippers nearby. The Gold Coast is the shop’s most luxurious package, which includes a haircut, straight razor shave, manicure and pedicure, a hand and foot massage, and a shoeshine.


The Float Suite at Float Sixty
Opened earlier this year, Float Sixty is is the Midwest’s largest spa dedicated to sensory deprivation tank therapy, and it is glorious. While their isolation tanks won’t transport you to the Upside Down (if you haven’t seen Stranger Things, do so now), they will make you feel weightless bliss and peaceful solitude. Opt for an “Executive Float Room” experience, the spa’s futuristic float pods that come with seven different color therapy light options and music controls. It’s the most relaxing hour you’ll spend all season, trust.


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