A Secret Chamber of Solitude This Way Comes

Float Sixty: A spa dedicated to sensory deprivation

By The Editors
April 12, 2016 9:00 am

Ours is a city famously built on work.

So whence the place where a hardworking fella can go to shut out the world and escape the grind?

Our money’s on Float Sixty, the Midwest’s largest spa dedicated to sensory deprivation tank therapy, now taking appointments in River North.

This is the most relaxing hour you will spend all week, any week, ever.

Float Sixty is all about state-of-the-art flotation tanks (aka isolation tanks), or water-filled pods infused with thousands of pounds of Epsom salt that totally block out all light and sound.

This allows you to experience pure weightless bliss. Your spine relaxes. The only sensation you’re left with with is no sensation at all, which means you can visualize and concentrate on life’s bigger questions.

Like why didn’t you do this sooner.

The experience is served up a few different ways, from traditional Samadhi Tanks — preferred choice of Float Sixty’s owner — to sizable custom float pods to what they’re calling their “Executive Float Rooms,” complete with seven different color therapy light options and fully integrated communication and music controls.

The space itself lends to peaceful solitude. Think modern and pristine, with five private rooms dedicated to flotation.

Plus: a meditation room where you can reserve a Muse session, which is basically a headband for guided meditation that senses your brain signals and adjusts accordingly.

And all this available at some very attractive membership prices.

Feel that?

That’s the weight of the world lifting off your shoulders.

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