How To Age Your Boots

Rancourt’s Essex collection is a thing of beauty

February 19, 2015 9:00 am

Gentlemen, direct your attention to the photo above.

To the left: a fresh pair of leather boots.

And to the right: that same pair after eight months of hard wear.

Thing of beauty, ain’t it?

Here’s where to grab yours: Rancourt’s new Horween Essex Collection, available now.

Rancourt’s a favorite here at InsideHook: U.S.-made boots and moccasins made the old handsewn way. Timeless styles. The kind of durable that lasts a lifetime.

Largely in part because they source their hides from Chicago’s own Horween Leather Company.

The leather: a version of Essex with no dye or top finish.

Says co-founder Kyle Rancourt: “It’s meant to absorb oils and moisture from the environment, which creates that beautiful, dark patina over time.”

In other words: Like how raw denim develops its own character over time, so too these beauts.

Our favorite styles:

 These puppies won’t last long, so best you step to it.

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