How to Make an Old Cuban, Your New Favorite Summer Cocktail

Courtesy of a Hemingway-inspired rum now available in Chicago

July 20, 2016 9:00 am

Ernest Hemingway.

Oak Parker. Consummate sportsman. And the guy who said: “A man does not exist until he is drunk.”

Assuming existence is a thing you’re after, we suggest making friends with Papa’s Pilar, a Hemingway-inspired (and posthumously approved) rum just now available in Chicago.

Because now that summer’s in full effect, there’s no better time to test how much tolerance you have for rum,  and also existing.

Named after Hemingway’s notorious fishing boat and developed in partnership with his estate, Papa’s Pilar comes in both Dark and Blonde styles, each a mix of rums from distilleries in the Caribbean and Central America, aged and blended using American Oak bourbon barrels and Spanish Sherry casks.

But wait, not sure what to do with rum? Sure, it might be having its moment, but you’re not alone.

Seeing Papa Hemingway loved a good mojito, below you’ll find a recipe for an Old Cuban: a celebratory take on the classic mojito punched up with a splash of Champagne.

The Old Cuban

2 oz. Papa’s Pilar Dark Rum
2 oz. Champagne
.75 oz Fresh Lime juice
.75 oz Simple syrup
2 Dashes bitters
6-8 Mint leaves

Directions: Gently muddle mint leaves. Add rum, lime juice, simple syrup and bitters. Shake and fine strain in a coupe glass. Top with 2 oz. of champagne.

Note bene: Prefer to your drinks made for you? You’ll also find Papa’s Pilar on July 23rd at Hemingway Alive!, the first annual fundraiser from the Ernest Hemingway Foundation Oak Park. Otherwise, Papa’s Pilar is now available your local liquor store. Check the site for more info.


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