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Let It Ride

Makers & Riders: Functional. Office friendly.

  • 12 December 2013

Curbside slush.

Destroyer of brogues. Sopper of pants. Enemy of dignity.  

Because no man looks stylish whilst hurdling a puddle.

Unless you’re wearing this come winter: Makers & Riders, new all-weather commuter gear, taking orders now.

Built to withstand the elements, M&R’s garments are handmade in Chicago.

They resist water, so you don’t get wet. They breathe, so – again – you don’t get wet.

And they stretch, should you find yourself jumping that puddle.

Like the 4-season Modular Wool Pant, a dress pant that’ll hold up to downpours, with deep pockets and a technical waistband for non-slipping.

Or the 3-Season Epodic NeoShell Trousers: a little more versatile, with a soft shell outer, breathable fleece lining and moisture-wicking mesh pockets.

All the advantages of functional activewear without compromising the professional aesthetic.

Plus: deadstock military jackets, selvedge denim jackets and a 4-season wool shirt.

Work hard, play hard.

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