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Lock: Fantasy sports betting via your smartphone

  • 07 January 2014

“Bet you five bucks Cutler throws at least two picks this game,” you say. Because you are a realist.

“Make it a Jackson,” Mike from accounting says. Because he is a sucker.

Cutler throws four.

Somehow, Mike forgets to pay you.

Make him remember with Lock, available now.

From three Chicago sports zealots, Lock is a mobile app that lets you make real-time sports bets against your buds.

Each day, Lock presents you with a series of binary sporting challenges from the NBA, NFL, MLB, NCAAB and NCAAF.

Think Manning will have more passing yards than Brady this week? Lock in your prediction, set a dollar value and challenge your pals who think otherwise.

You can view live box scores of all your bets and receive in-game updates via push-notification whenever something of note transpires (“Manning completes 50 yard pass to D. Thomas”).

Your buddy can’t pay you via the app, but Lock will keep all your outstanding debts organized.

Pay up, Mike.

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