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Gird thy arteries — donut sandwiches are a thing

  • 18 August 2014

Donuts are the great equalizer.

We arrive early for them. We double park. And we all find common ground carrying a box of fried dough, no matter how ludicrous the toppings.

And donut sandwiches? Those, my friend, are populism in caloric form. The sammies below are the ones you must try. Gird thy arteries.

Doughscuit - Roscoe Village

An old standby, Endgrain’s specialty almost calls for a knife and fork. But please, don’t. Flaky, tender and biscuit-like, sliced in half and filled with light cream, your doughscuit will be done in three bites; four bites tops. Pro tip: blueberry cream on the weekends.

Gelato Donut Sandwich - Wicker Park

How L.A. does donuts, complete with the fabled Peanut Butter varietal. Get that. But also the gelato donut sandwich. Gelato’s housemade. Best combo: lemon pistachio with Dreamcicle gelato. Sugar bomb.

Fried Chicken Donut Sandwich - Streeterville

Secret menu item is not so secret. At Do-Rite’s just-opened second location, chef Jeff Mahin mashes chicken and donuts, literally. A crispy glazed donut, fried chicken and jalapeño aioli. Just ask for the chicken donut sammy. Pairs well with a Nutella iced coffee, natch.

Main Image Credit: Nick Murway

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